Bye bye Canada

Please be advised: this is a very personal post. If you don’t want to read it, see the recipe of gnocco fritto… 😉

After 6 years it’s time for me to start a new life. During all this time I’ve been loved, praised, highly regarded and appreciated – not only for my articles. I’ve been also hated, envied and criticized. Before thanking all my friends I’d like to say a few things:

– Canada has pro and cons like everywhere. And yes, I’m absolutely proud of my accent!

– Don’t take for granted all the beautiful things we have in Italy

– Stop being “lagnoni”… stop complaining and do something!

– It’s my life and I’m happy so… be happy for me!!

Having said that, I need to thank my mom and my friends for their support. It’s been such an amazing, intense experience. Maybe some of you were expecting a call or a message from me. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s because True Friends are the ones who care about you and are not just curious about what you are going to do or where you are going to live.

I want to thank the wonderful persons I’ve met during this journey and have become the kind of persons that will always be a precious part of my life.

My special friend Concita. You are like a sister to me. We began together this long journey the same day 6 years ago. I’ll never forget our first “dinner” in Canada (bread with Cirio tomato sauce, LOL) and that night when we slept on a mattress on the floor with no pillows and without knowing each other. We have learned, cried, played, laughed, talked, always hanging each other’s hand during the adversities. I hope to see you in Italy and I wish you happiness and love for the rest of our life. E “niente ci fa”.

My former colleagues Mario, Leo and many others who have struggled with me during these years against the thunderstorms of life.

My colleague, friend and “counselor” Francesco. You are a great journalist, a great friend and a great counselor 😉 “Sorridi alla vita”…

Mariella, you always gave me good advice about food, life, love and Aysha. Always with an impeccable sense of humour. I’ll miss you a lot! Thank you for everything you did for me and what you told me today by phone. I’ll never forget it and I’ll never forget you.

Thank you Tony aka “247”. I’ll never forget your jokes and your strategic invitations for a coffee in the cafeteria just to put a smile on my face whenever I needed it. You are one of the most sincere, honest gentlemen I’ve ever known. Thank you for being just You.

The 3 D’s: Daniela (a real journalist), Donya (a real “Folgo”), Donata (a real superwoman). Sometimes it happens that you are not in touch with some people every day but you do know they are there and will always be.

Dani, I’ll miss you a lot! We’ll be friends forever!

Donya, see you in Libya…!

Donata, stay strong!

Thanks to all the people who hurt me. Yes, because thanks to you I feel more mature and I’ve learned that I have the power to choose the persons I want on my side, the only ones who make me happy. What didn’t kill me made me stronger.

All my Italian friends who never stop writing me in all these years and that I feel even closer now: my best friends Romina, Marzia, Paola, Layla, Silvia, Eliana, Anisa, Valentina, Valeria, Chiara… Can’t wait to hug you again!

All the people I met and interviewed for the articles I wrote about health and diseases. Thank you Mp Kirsty Duncan, you are such a professional and wonderful human being! We need more politicians like you. It was great to talk to you for my articles. I met people who fight everyday for their lives and the ones who are not among us anymore. They have been teaching me more than anyone else the real meaning of life. Their strength, hope and courage taught me to enjoy every single moment of the present because Life is a precious gift that we often take for granted. Thank you Leonardo, Robin and John. PS: At the same moment I’m writing this, there’s a beautiful rainbow in the sky. No kidding! Do you believe in signs? I do!

Thank you Adrienne and Rebecca. I love what you do every day at Good Shepherd and you also gave me the opportunity to know that side of society that we usually consider sad, lonely and desperate. My Saturdays and my Thanksgiving spent in your shelter for people in need on Queen Street have been the most significant and touching experience of my life. I met such a wonderful people. Last time a woman who was leaving after her Thanksgiving meal just looked at me, she put her hand on my chin and she said “you are so sweet, thank you”. After that, someone on the sidewalk called me by name and thanked me for what I did for him. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life!

Thanks to the beautiful people I’ve met during this journey, also for work – some of them even in these last weeks! It’s never too late to make friends and know better the ones you already have: Cathy, Barbara, Josephine, Andy Monti, Morena & Kym, Laura Albanese, Carmelo Abbate, Happie, Martha from The Bay, Manuel, Max, Elizabeth, Amy, Qaiser, Hyder, Carmela, Svetlana, Sonia, Maria Pasqua & Valentina and many others. Sorry, you are too many to mention but you know who you are!

I also met fantastic people who bought some of my stuff and furniture… It’s touching when you receive a hug from people you don’t know and wish you good luck. It’s such a good feeling when you make a good impression.

Thank you Canada. You gave me the gift of independence. You gave me the taste of freedom. You gave me time.

You gave me my beautiful Aysha. Precious.

You gave me lots of opportunities and the chance to try something new. I love your shades. You made me try something new every single day. Your food. Your lake. Your endless sky. Your wind. Your winter.

Thank you Cn Tower. You made me dream every night with your colors and solemnity. You made me realize that dreams can come true.

Last but not least thank you Canada because you gave me love.

Thank you Gianvito. Everyday you make me feel happy, loved, important, proud, brave and a better person. Every great love starts with a great story. Nothing was a “coincidence”.

I’m really touched by people who asked me not to leave because they told me I’ll be missed but I’m ready for a new beginning. A new life.

Thank you guys. I have tears in my eyes. I’ll never forget you.

Italy, here I come.

Here are some pictures of my last weeks in Canada.

About pasta loves me

Giornalista professionista, laurea in lingue e letterature straniere e un master in Social Communication. Piacentina d’origine, pugliese d’adozione dal 2012, cresciuta a tortelli e gnocco fritto, impara a cucinare in Canada, a Toronto, dove ha vissuto sei anni e dove ha lavorato per il quotidiano italiano Corriere Canadese. Oltreoceano scopre una diversità culinaria etnica senza confini. Da allora la sua vita cambia. Cucina e ristoranti diventano luoghi interscambiabili di idee, progetti, tradizioni e passioni. Ama assaporare, provare, gustare. E fare foto. Conduce su Telenorba e TgNorba24 la trasmissione “I colori della nostra terra”, un programma che parla di ruralità, agroalimentare ed eccellenze enogastronomiche della Puglia. Ha collaborato con I Love Italian Food e il Cucchiaio d’Argento ed è spesso chiamata a far parte di giurie di eventi a carattere enogastronomico e di concorsi legati al mondo della pizza. Recensisce pizzerie per guide cartacee e online. Nel 2011 crea Pasta Loves Me, un blog che parla di lei, di pasta, food e lifestyle. È fondatrice e responsabile di Puglia Mon Amour, un’avventura che vive con gli occhi curiosi di turista e l’entusiasmo di un’innamorata per una terra che regala ogni giorno emozioni, genuinità e solarità. Ha la pizza napoletana nel cuore e tutto quello che rende felice il suo palato. E vive con una certezza: la pizza non le spezzerà mai il cuore.


  1. Cle

    In bocca al lupo per la tua prossima meta allora! 🙂

  2. patyfagy

    Mi sono un po’ commossa….

  3. Mariella

    Beh… mi hai commossa Simo… grazie a te per essere stata una collega prima e una amica dopo unica… sii sempre positiva e solare e la vita ti sorridera’… Un abbraccio


    Tesoro mio, con tanto tanto affetto e sincera ammirazione per la bella persona che sei ti auguro, di tutto cuore, buona fortuna! Buon sole amica mia, ci rivedremo presto in Puglia!!!<3

  5. Eliana

    Con tanto tanto affetto e sincera ammirazione per la bella persona che sei ti auguro di tutto cuore buona fortuna! Buon sole amica mia e arrivederci a presto in Puglia<3

  6. Andrea Peterdy

    Wow im so touched that i got a mention. Remember the promise you made me…. I hope it is epic!!!

  7. Amy

    May the Lord bless you as you embark on your journey and the next chapter of your life! I feel truly blessed to have you as a friend and look forward to hearing about all the wonderful new adventures you will have in your homeland, Italy! Ciao! and much love!

  8. Concita

    “We have learned, cried, played, laughed, talked, always hanging each other’s hand during the adversities”… and I tested your recipes too 😉
    Simona thank you so much, don’t forget distance can’t hurt true friendship!

  9. Barbara

    Andra’ tutto bene!! In bocca al lupo per la nuova avventura!!.

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