Sugar-addiction: how to quit

Guys, I have to tell you the truth. In these days I would eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the so-called sweet tooth. I think that when your “treat day” becomes a “cheat week”, well… listen to me, you have a problem! I’m suffering from a very bad sugar-addiction in this period and it’s all in my head (and on my skin too… sigh): the more I eat, the more I need something sweet. The craving is so persistent that it seems to be all you can think about. How is that possible?!? Yes, I think that addiction is the right word. I see the light at the end of the tunnel though and I know I can quit. I work out every single day so I’m not feeling so guilty and most of all I don’t eat anymore a whole jar of Nutella in two days as it happened in the past – not a very distant past actually.

What should I/you do? I know there are some simple solutions, and maybe if I write them down it will be easier for me to follow them.

1 – Learn to say NO. I can’t resist temptations… especially if they are made of chocolate… And yet, it’s such a simple, easy and fast word…. N-O….. NOOOO… Repeat with me: N-O-O-O-O-O! NO, NO, NO, NO! Is it working? No?

2 – Ask someone to keep track of how much sweet you consume. And do not lie!

3 – Never skip meals, especially breakfast that is the most important meal of the day.

4 – Have a piece of fruit to stop cravings. As you can see from the picture above I’ve chosen this solution after dinner. I cut an apple into pieces. I put honey in the centre of my saucer and I sprinkled it with cinnamon. Did I tell you that Canadians put cinnamon everywhere? (Italians put parsley everywhere… if you see someone many times in different places and times you say that he or she is like parsley).

5 – Drink more water during the day (1-2 lt) – it really helps with those cravings.

6 – Throw away from your kitchen everything that is brown and sweet… Do not store any high calories food in your kitchen and with all your courage get rid of sweets and candies from cabinets otherwise the calories that you see there will get into your body very soon.

7 – Simply DO NOT buy sweets. So you don’t have them at home. It’s simple, isn’t it? And be careful: never grocery shop on an empty stomach. You run the risk of putting every junk food of the store in your cart.

8 – Set some small, achievable goals and start working on them one at a time. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate…

9 – I read that it takes 21 days to change your habits. So let’s start from the small things (= no more Smarties).

10 – Think about three other words: diabetes, obesity and cholesterol. Is it worth it?

I’m aware that chocolate is irresistible but it’s not good for my health. I’ll set a goal. If I keep sweets away for two weeks starting from Monday I’ll reward myself with… any ideas?


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Giornalista professionista, laurea in lingue e letterature straniere e un master in Social Communication. Piacentina d’origine, pugliese d’adozione dal 2012, cresciuta a tortelli e gnocco fritto, impara a cucinare in Canada, a Toronto, dove ha vissuto sei anni e dove ha lavorato per il quotidiano italiano Corriere Canadese. Oltreoceano scopre una diversità culinaria etnica senza confini. Da allora la sua vita cambia. Cucina e ristoranti diventano luoghi interscambiabili di idee, progetti, tradizioni e passioni. Ama assaporare, provare, gustare. E fare foto. Conduce su Telenorba e TgNorba24 la trasmissione “I colori della nostra terra”, un programma che parla di ruralità, agroalimentare ed eccellenze enogastronomiche della Puglia. Ha collaborato con I Love Italian Food e il Cucchiaio d’Argento ed è spesso chiamata a far parte di giurie di eventi a carattere enogastronomico e di concorsi legati al mondo della pizza. Recensisce pizzerie per guide cartacee e online. Nel 2011 crea Pasta Loves Me, un blog che parla di lei, di pasta, food e lifestyle. È fondatrice e responsabile di Puglia Mon Amour, un’avventura che vive con gli occhi curiosi di turista e l’entusiasmo di un’innamorata per una terra che regala ogni giorno emozioni, genuinità e solarità. Ha la pizza napoletana nel cuore e tutto quello che rende felice il suo palato. E vive con una certezza: la pizza non le spezzerà mai il cuore.

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